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Engineering System Co.

About Engineering System Co., Ltd. (ESCO)

ESCO corporate building

Engineering System Co., Ltd. (ESCO) has designed and manufactured over 1,000 different products since its establishment in 1970. And now, we runs two business units with our many years of experiences, one is patient immobilization systems for radiotherapy the other is Developing Automated Machines especially Ultra high resolution Dispensors and Nano-imprinting equipments.

In 2004, ESCO spun off our helicopter manufacturing division to GEN Corporation. If you are looking for information on our previous product GEN H-4, a one-man ultra-light helicopter with counter rotating blades, please visit GEN Corporation's website (English version).

Company Information

Company Name
Engineering System Co., Ltd.
Board Chairman - Gennai YANAGISAWA
Date of foundation
5652-83 Sasaga, Matsumoto, Nagano, JAPAN
TEL +81-263-26-1212
FAX +81-263-26-1299
Board Member
Board Chairman - Gennai YANAGISAWA
Executive director - Kazusi FUJIMOTO
Inspector - Yukiko YANAGISAWA
Inspector - Shingo IINUMA
Number of employees
Business domain
Development, manufacturing and marketing of Medical devices and equipments.
Designing, development and manufacturing of Ultra high resolution Dispensors and Nano-Imprinting equipments.
Factory-automation consulting
Major business partners
Varian Technologies Japan Limited, Konica Minolta
Healthcare,National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST), Shinshu Univ., Tohoku Univ.,
Kyushu Univ., Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp., Japan Lase Corp.,
AAC Technologies., OLYMPUS Corp., OMRON Corporation,
CANON Inc., Kyocera, Hitachi group subsidiaries,
Toyota group subsidiaries etc.